Holistic Body Massage

The benefits: Healthy, Firm Skin-Total Relaxation-Release Of Pains And Aches/Tension-Improved Blood Circulation-Improved Immunity Function-Improvement In Physical And Mental Fatigue-Toxin Elimination-Decrease In High Blood Pressure-Improved Breathing-Improved Bowel Movement And Reduction Of Ibs Symptoms-Improved Sleep- Improved Concentration-Clarity Of Thought-Increased Energy Levels-Improved Posture-Relief From Eye Strain, Headaches And Migraine-Explore Your Body In Different Way-Feeling Stronger , Have The Power To Work On Yourself (Diet, Physical Fitness, Spending More Time To Please Yourself) – And Many Many More.

Treatment prices include particular emphasis on problem zones

Any problem zone treated separately and only – £1 per minute

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